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      The purpose of KINGLY is to:


      Efficiency makes the brand, integrity makes the future.


      KINGLY's cultural concept:


      Teamwork, sharing and baring responsibility, ordinary people do extraordinary things.


      Join into the team actively, be willing to accept the reminders and help from colleagues, and cooperate with the team to complete the work at top capacity .


      Submit proposal actively before making decisions, and participate in team discussions fully.


      After decision-making, no matter whether the individual has objection or not, he must give full support in words and deeds.


      Share business knowledge and experience actively and offer necessary help to colleagues.


      Be good at using the strength of the team to solve problems, cooperating with different types of colleagues, not bring personal emotions into the work, and fully embodies the principle of "Attack the problem not the people".


      We have a good sense of teamwork, influence the team positively and embrace change. Meet the change, be brave in innovation, and be honest.


      We will adapt to the company's daily changes, won’t complain, face changes rationally, communicate fully, cooperate sincerely, create changes and bring great improvement of performance, be honest, never shirk the responsibility of identification, be optimistic and upward, and be strict with ourselves.


      Contact Us

      Add: Room 803, Building A, Fortune Center, #69, Peicheng Road, Dongpo District, Meishan, Sichuan, China
      Tel: +86-28-38166218/38168760
      Fax: +86-28-38166228
      Contact: Jack Qin +86-13808166308
      Wechat No.:+86-15182210484
      E-mail: kingly@kinglychem.com
      URL: http://www.58cnpos.com

      About KINGLY



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